Firewall Monitoring

Firewall monitoring is the process of keeping your network firewalls secure by analyzing key firewall monitoring parameters like traffic, bandwidth utilization, and sessions. Firewall monitoring is the process of closely tracking the health, availability, and performance of the firewalls in your network using a firewall monitoring tool.

You can also obtain deep performance monitoring insights for your virtual private networks (VPN) using Site24x7.

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Monitor critical firewall performance metrics

Site24x7 supports network monitoring of devices from different vendors like Fortinet, Cisco, NETGEAR, Meraki, Juniper, and Dell for all their key performance attributes.

  • CPU utilization
  • Disk usage
  • Memory utilization
  • System low memory usage
  • Number of intrusions detected
  • Number of VoIP connections
  • Number of virus transmissions detected
  • Number of HTTP proxy requests processed
  • Number of current SMTP proxy connections
  • System sessions count
  • VPN SSL login users
  • VPN SSL active tunnels
  • VPN tunnel interface status
  • VPN tunnel in octets
  • VPN tunnel out octets

Secure your network with our SaaS-based firewall monitoring tool

Obtain comprehensive performance analysis

From availability to health analytics and performance monitoring, Site24x7 holds responsibility for monitoring, thus, protecting the whole of your sensitive firewall device.

Track metrics like backplane utilization

Monitor critical performance metrics such as CPU, memory, and backplane utilization, active session count, oversize and undersize packets, and much more to warrant firewall security.

Measure in and out traffic utilization

Get to know the real-time network traffic of any SNMP device. Site24x7 provides you interface level bandwidth utilization based on in and out traffic along with graphs.

Capture real-time performance data

Gain deep insights on firewall performance with Site24x7 On-Premise Poller that connects to the SNMP MIB of the device, and collects exact figures from there.

Track the anomalies instantly

Identify and rectify problems with solid data about outages and SNMP traps. Root cause analysis reports will help you keep track of the anomalous behavior of firewall devices.

Receive precise downtime notifications

Up, down, or trouble—Act to your priority with timely notifications. Get email, SMS, voice, instant messenger, RSS, and push notifications about downtimes.

View all metrics from a single firewall monitoring dashboard

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