Hardware Monitoring

Hardware monitoring is crucial for stabilizing your physical infrastructure components, pinpointing potential problems in hardware, and minimizing the scope of performance degradation.

Site24x7's hardware monitoring solution helps:

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Hardware performance monitoring tool

Key features of the hardware monitoring tool

Monitor devices with SNMP monitoring

Obtain granular visibility into network devices by monitoring key performance metrics at the device and interface levels. Get in-depth analysis through top N devices, health trend, and inventory reports, and create custom reports of your choice. Get alerted for all hardware-related events and their statuses, including temperatures, fan speeds, power supply status, individual disk status, and more, for all device types (servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) through SNMP monitoring.

Monitor network devices in a single console

Full-fledged network monitoring for hardware devices

Remediate device backup failures better by analyzing configuration inaccuracies and unauthorized changes and restoring the working version to minimize network disruptions with the network configuration management tool. Also, troubleshoot network issues quickly by obtaining real-time statistics on network traffic and bandwidth consumption by devices, interfaces, and applications, facilitating efficient monitoring and proactive optimization to prevent problems.

Comprehensive network traffic monitoring dashboard

Troubleshoot issues in VMware hardware components

Avert hardware crises by auto-discovering and monitoring the health of VMware ESX/ESXi host hardware components. Keep track of various hardware sensors, including CPU processor, memory, fan, temperature, voltage, power, storage, battery, and any hardware in your VM environment, to ensure optimal functioning of your VMs.

Monitor the health of VM ESX/ESXi hardware components

Track hardware metrics via plugin integrations

Monitor the hardware configurations of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Integrated Lights Out (iLO) and Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) servers to oversee the health of hardware components for their optimal performance and immediate response to issues. Monitor all the vital hardware and mission-critical resources to stabilize your server environment and evade performance setbacks.

Hardware sensor status monitoring

Why choose Site24x7 over other monitoring platforms?

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Multi-vendor support

Monitor over 11,000 SNMP-enabled devices from more than 450 vendors

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Single console view

Collate and visualize different infrastructure stacks from the cloud, virtual environments, containers, networks, and servers in a unified console.

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Choose and customize dashboards from every infrastructure tier by monitoring metrics that matter to you.

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IT automation

Automate incident remediation using IT automation.