Monitor Load Balancers

A powerful network management system with automatic discovery and comprehensive monitoring for network devices and load balancers across data centers. Monitor availability, traffic distribution, concurrency, and performance from the cloud with this multifaceted SaaS tool.

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Load balancer monitoring metrics.

Monitor critical attributes from various vendors, including Cisco, F5 Networks, A10 Networks, etc. and keep track of:

  • Active session count
  • Backplane utilization
  • Buffer failures
  • CPU usage
  • Drop event statistics
  • Giants on interfaces
  • Input and output packet drops
  • Jabber packets
  • Memory utilization
  • Open files or sockets
  • Packet errors
  • Temperature
  • Total number of collisions
  • Undersized and oversized packets
  • And much more!

Control network failover with SaaS-based monitoring.

Distributed Network Management

Track your whole network, with detailed stats on the status, availability, and performance of each device, by connecting to your devices' SNMP MIBs.

Incoming and Outgoing Traffic Utilization

Track real-time network traffic of any SNMP device at the interface level using bandwidth utilization data based on inbound and outbound traffic, including accurate graphs.

Custom SNMP Monitors

Create custom SNMP monitors to keep track of several critical stats, including metrics provided by your vendor and those offered by our network monitoring tool.

Track Anomalies

Identify problems with solid data on the duration and cause of outages. Use root cause analysis to keep track of anomalous behavior.

Deep Performance Visibility

Obtain deep visibility into the performance of your load balancers by monitoring all SNMP performance counters and the custom monitors of your choice. Keep an eye on service endpoints with exhaustive data collected.

Precise Downtime Notifications

Stay up-to-date with timely notifications. Get email, SMS, voice, instant messenger, RSS, browser, and push notifications about downtime. With detailed status pages and notifications on all your favorite channels, keep yourself informed about the status of your network.

Get more than just performance data.


Scales to monitor 1000's of network devices.

Network Discovery

Add multiple devices in one go by using an IP range.

Alerts and Reports

Get timely downtime alerts and reports with graphs.

High Availability

Ensure high network availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation.