Cisco PIX Firewall Monitoring

Monitor different Cisco PIX security devices like Cisco 501 series, 535 series, FWSM, and more from the cloud. Track key performance metrics and stay on top of your Cisco environment.

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Deep visibility into Cisco Pix device performance with interface-level metrics

Autodiscover your network's Cisco PIX devices, associate device templates, and monitor them. Manage the devices by tracking important performance counters like backplane utilization, number of octets, and much more.

CPU Usage

Monitor five-minute, five-second and one-minute averages.

CPU Utilization

Monitor the device CPU utilization, and moving average of the CPU busy percentage.

Buffer Hits and Misses

Monitor small, medium, total huge and, total large buffer hits and misses.

Number of Free Buffer Blocks

Monitor 4K, 80K, 256K, and 1540K free buffers.

Number of Packets

Monitor the received, sent, oversized, undersized, Jabber, and packets to BC and MC addresses.


Monitor the used and free memory.