Cisco WLC monitoring

A wireless LAN controller (WLC) is a wireless architecture device that helps manage access points, facilitating the connection of all devices to a company's network.

With our tool, you can easily track the connected access points, analyze the radios, and check the number of access points connected to a single SSID. Plus, our WLC monitoring tool is designed to verify if any rogue access points are connected to the WLC. But that's not all! Our tool also provides instant alerts based on the thresholds that you set for each of these parameters.

Give our WLC monitoring tool a try now and see how it can simplify your monitoring process.

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Cisco WLC monitoring

Key features of Site24x7's Cisco WLC monitoring

Monitor WLC infrastructure in real time

View up-to-date information about the number of connected access points, the number of connected clients, and their respective statuses.

Track the performance of individual access points

Monitor the utilization of system resources, such as the CPU and memory of the WLC, and keep track of the number of connected clients.

Keep an eye on the network traffic utilization

Add or remove access points as needed for seamless connectivity by tracking the traffic utilization based on the SSIDs.

Improve network security by tracking unauthorized access

Protect your networks from potential security threats by detecting and monitoring rogue access points.

Observe the number of connected clients

Watch the number of clients currently connected to access points, SSIDs, and even unauthorized access points at any point.

Receive instant alerts on threshold breaches

Stay on top of your game with instant alerts that let you know the moment a threshold is breached so you can take action right away.

How does Site24x7 monitor Cisco WLCs?

Our Cisco WLC monitoring tool uses SNMP to collect data from your network through an On-Premise Poller, which is easy to set up. You can specify an IP range or use classless inter-domain routing to discover devices in your network. You can even create discovery rules and device and interface filters to fine-tune the discovery process.

Once you've added the On-Premise Poller, it will start collecting data such as the traffic, CPU utilization, memory utilization, number of connected clients, and other performance information from your devices. The SSIDs in your network will be categorized and listed under the SSID(s) section (if authorized) or the Rogue Access Points section (if unauthorized). The access points are listed by Type and Channel in the Radios section, making it easy for you to manage your network.

Additionally, you can also set thresholds for the Access Points, Radios, Rogue Access Points, and SSID(s) as required and receive alerts on threshold breaches. With our Cisco WLC monitoring tool, you can breathe easy knowing that your network is organized, secure, and under control.

How does Site24x7 monitor Cisco WLCs?

Supported devices

Model names Properties Metrics
Cisco controllers Cisco 2504, Cisco AIR-CT2504-L9, Cisco 3504, Cisco AIR-CT3504-K9, Cisco 8540, Cisco AIR-CT8540-K9, Cisco 5508, Cisco 8510, Cisco 5760, and Cisco 5520 Access point monitors CPU Usage (%)
Memory Usage (%)
Admin State
Operational State
Connected Clients

Why choose Site24x7 as your WLC monitoring tool?

  • Panoramic network observability: Keep a close eye on crucial performance metrics, like the number of client connections, the access point statuses, and the traffic statistics, with ease. That's not all! With our Network Configuration Manager tool, you can monitor any configuration changes in the WLC and gain complete visibility.
  • Real-time alerts: Receive instant alerts for any breaches or anomalies detected in your WLC.
  • A user-friendly interface: Gain immediate insights by viewing all the relevant data on a single screen.

One solution for all your network management needs

Site24x7 provides a comprehensive network monitoring solution that includes device and interface monitoring; network traffic monitoring to analyze flows based on different technologies, like NetFlow, J-Flow, and sFlow; and network configuration management to manage network configuration backups. With a single, SaaS-based monitoring console, you can easily control your network without needing to switch between multiple software packages. Enjoy hassle-free network management with Site24x7.

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