Apache Monitoring

Gain visibility into your Apache web server performance with our ready-to-install Apache monitoring plugin integration. Our Apache monitoring tool enables you to track availability and key performance metrics so you can always stay ahead of issues and bottlenecks that affect your web server.

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Apache Monitoring

What is Apache?

The Apache HTTP server (or just "Apache") is one of the world's most popular web server software. It is open-source, highly customizable, and actively managed by the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is an integral part of the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack for web applications and allows users to deploy websites on the internet.

Monitor Apache web server performance

Get enhanced insights into the health of your Apache servers with real-time performance metrics in a single dashboard. Our Apache monitoring tool collects critical data, including CPU load, uptime, requests per second, and worker resource data, so you can identify issues like server overload and application downtime before they happen.

Visualize critical performance metrics

Ensure your customer-facing Apache services are up and running by leveraging key metrics to monitor server availability and performance.

Anticipate issues with instant alerts

Get instant notifications when values cross pre-defined threshold limits and swiftly take preventive or recovery measures.

Derive actionable insights with Apache logs

Compare and analyze incoming Apache log data and troubleshoot issues faster with an automatic Site24x7 AppLogs integration.

Create custom dashboards

Assemble data from different parts of your infrastructure with drag-and-drop widgets and build personalized dashboard views.

Get started with Apache monitoring

  • Supported Platforms:
  • Python Version:
    2.7 & above
  • Linux Agent Version:
    15.0.0 & above

Performance Metrics

Our Apache monitoring plugin collects metrics from the Apache web server using mod_status and sends it to the Site24x7 web client.

Here are the metrics you can track with the plugin:

Name Description
Requests per Second req_per_sec records the total number of HTTP requests the web server is processing per second.
Busy Workers Use the metric busy_workers to get the total number of processes actively processing an HTTP request.
Idle Workers idle_workers is the total number of idle workers/idle processes waiting for an HTTP request. If you have very few or no idle processes, it means your server is using up all the processes and new requests have to be on hold until the older requests are completed.
Uptime The metric uptime gets the total amount of time the server has been up and running.
Bytes per Second bytes_per_sec records the total amount of data the web server is transferring per second.
CPU Load Use the metric cpu_load and get the total percentage of CPU used by the web server.
Bytes per Request The average number of bytes being transferred per HTTP request is obtained using the metric bytes_per_req.
Total Accesses The total number of accesses on the server is monitored using the metric total_accessess.
Processes Processes denotes the number of async processes.
Connections Async Closing Connections Async Closing shows the number of async connections that are in the closing state.
Connections Async Keep Alive Connections Async Keep Alive displays the number of async connections that are in the keep-alive state.
Connections Async Writing Connections Async Writing denotes the number of async connections that are in the writing state.
CPU System CPU System shows the percentage of time taken by the Apache process to access the system resources.
CPU User CPU User displays the percentage of time taken by the Apache process to process the code.
Load1 Load1 shows the one-minute load average.
Load5 Load5 denotes the five-minute load average.
Load15 Load15 displays the 15-minute load average.
Total Connections Total Connections depicts the total number of connections on the Apache server.
Total kbytes Total kbytes records the total kilobytes served.
Version Version denotes the Apache server version.



Ensure you meet the following requirements before installing the plugin:


  • Create a folder with the name 'apache_monitoring'.
  • Download the "apache_monitoring.py" and "apache_monitoring.cfg" file from our GitHub repository and place it in the 'apache_monitoring' folder.
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/site24x7/plugins/master/apache_monitoring/apache_monitoring.py
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/site24x7/plugins/master/apache_monitoring/apache_monitoring.cfg
  • Add the configuration in "apache_monitoring.cfg" as below:
    url ="http://localhost:80/server-status?auto"
    password ="password"
    plugin_version ="1"
    heartbeat ="true"
    logs_enabled ="true"
    log_type_name ="Apache Access Logs"
    log_file_path ="/var/log/apache2/access.log"
  • Move the 'apache_monitoring' folder to the Site24x7 Linux agent plugin directory '/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/'.

The agent will automatically execute the plugin within five minutes and send performance data to the Site24x7 data center.

Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Plugin Integrations > click on the name of the plugin monitor. You will be able to view performance charts and set thresholds for the various performance metrics.

The agent will automatically execute the plugin within five minutes and send performance data to the Site24x7 data center.

Automatic AppLogs integration

Configure Apache access logs to know the top failed requests, the URLs that take the longest to retrieve data, and more.

  • To collect Apache logs, you can perform configuration changes in the apache_monitoring.cfg file.
    logs_enabled ="true"
    log_type_name="Apache Access Logs"

Verify Plugin Output

  • Manually execute the plugin script using the following command and verify its output:
    python apache_monitoring.py --username="username" --password="password"

Plugin Contribution

Feel free to contribute to our existing plugin and come up with suggestions or feedback on our Community.

  • Supported Platforms:
  • Python Version: 2.7 & above
  • Linux Agent Version:15.0.0 & above

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