Systemd monitoring

Monitor systemd metrics and get insights into the health and performance of essential Linux services with Site24x7's plugin integration. Proactively manage and optimize your Linux systems, diagnose boot and service initialization issues, ensure smooth operations, and minimize service disruptions.

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Systemd monitoring

What is systemd?

Systemd is an initialization system and service manager for Linux operating systems. It is responsible for starting and managing system processes during boot and for system operation. It offers advanced features, like service dependency management, logging, and process supervision, making it a crucial component for modern Linux distributions in enhancing system reliability and management.

Monitor the performance of systemd with Site24x7

Ensure service availability and optimize performance and resource utilization by tracking key systemd metrics like active_unit and deactivating_unit. Plan capacity when active resources are high or permanently disable unnecessary deactivated services and free up resources to avoid disruptions and downtime.

Streamline system troubleshooting by monitoring metrics like failed_unit and deactivating_unit to detect service errors or failed starts. Ensure monitoring coverage by tracking loaded_unit and total_unit.

View performance trends and set up threshold-based alerts for sudden spikes and dips, enabling you to proactively detect potential issues and manage resources efficiently.

Assemble performance data from different parts of your infrastructure with custom dashboards to stay on top of your Linux services.

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Get started with Site24x7's systemd monitoring tool

Performance Metrics

The following metrics are captured by the plugin integration:

Metric Name Description
activating_unit The total number of units that are being activated
active_unit The total number of active units
deactivating_unit The total number of units that are being deactivated
failed_unit The total number of units that have encountered a failure
inactive_unit The total number of inactive units
loaded_unit The total number of loaded units
monitored_unit The total number of monitored units
systemd_version The systemd version running on the server
systemd_uptime The uptime of systemd on the server
total_unit The total number of units in systemd


  • Supported Platforms:


Ensure you meet the following requirements before installing the plugin:


  • Create a folder named systemd.
  • Download the file from our GitHub repository and place it in the systemd folder.
  • Follow the steps in this article to update the Python path in the script.
  • To check if the plugin is working, execute the command below with appropriate arguments and check for a valid JSON output with applicable metrics and their corresponding values:
  • Move the systemd folder to the Site24x7 Linux server monitoring plugin directory (/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/).
The agent will automatically execute the plugin within five minutes and display the performance data in Site24x7.
To view the plugin monitor and its associated performance charts:
  • Log in to Site24x7.
  • Navigate to Plugins and click the required monitor.

Plugin Contribution

Feel free to contribute to our existing plugin and come up with suggestions or feedback on our Community.

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