Zoho - Group Entities Details

List of Group entities:

All group entities listed below are joint controllers, and in case of hosted services, have the roles mentioned in the table.

Sl. No. Name of the entity Address Role in providing hosted services (processors)
1. Zoho Corporation 4141 Hacienda Drive
California 94588, USA
Data centers in the US
2. Zoho Corporation B.V. Beneluxlaan 4B,
3527 HT UTRECHT, The Netherlands
1. Data centers in the EU
2. Sub-processor of Zoho Corporation GMBH (Germany)
3. Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Estancia IT Park,
Plot no. 140, 151, GST Road,
Chengalpattu District - 603202, INDIA
Sub-processor of Zoho Corporation (the US) and Zoho Corporation B.V. (The Netherlands)
4. Zoho Technologies Private Limited Silaraipuravu Village,
Tenkasi District 627 814, INDIA
Further sub-processor of Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (India)
5. Zoho Corporation Pte. Ltd. 105 Cecil Street,
#10-04, The Octagon,
Singapore 069534
6. Zoho (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. 3F, KPHZ International Technology Transfer Center,
No.28, Houtun Road,
HaiDian District,
Beijing, China, 100192
7. Zoho Japan Corporation Minato-Mirai-Center building 13F,
3-6-1, Nishi-ku,
Yokohama 221-0012, Japa
8. Zoho Corporation Pty. Ltd. Office 8, Level 4 ,
194 Varsity Parade,
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227
Data centers in Australia
9. Zoho Corporation GMBH Trinkausstr. 7, 40213 Dusseldorf, Germany -