Storage Monitoring

Storage monitoring involves the discovery and monitoring of storage devices like NAS, RAIDs, tape libraries, and fabric switches from multiple vendors for their health and performance using SNMP. Use our cloud-based storage monitoring tool to optimize the usage and performance of all your network storage devices.

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Storage Monitoring with Site24x7

Performance analysis for your storage devices

Storage monitoring is the process of monitoring the different metrics of storage devices in a network including CPU, memory, disk, and volume so that they always have the required space and are up and available. It is important to obtain complete visibility into the device environment in real time so admins can diagnose and fix performance issues quickly.

Keep track of key storage metrics and ensure proper capacity planning for your storage environment. Here's a list of some of the metrics Site24x7 provides:

  • Total disk count: The total number of disks on the system.
  • Active disk count: The number of disks that are currently active, including parity disks.
  • Failed disk count: The number of disks that are currently broken.
  • Disk read and write bytes: The total number of bytes read and written from the disk since the last boot.
  • iSCSI read and write bytes: The total number of bytes read and written via internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI) since the last boot.
  • FCP read and write bytes: The total number of bytes read and written via fiber channel protocol (FCP) since the last boot.
  • iSCSI operations: The total number of iSCSI operations handled since the last boot.
  • FCP operations: The total number of FCP operations handled since the last boot.
  • Volume (available in bytes): The total free disk space in kilobytes on the referenced file system.
  • Battery status: The indication of the current status of the non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM) batteries.
  • Cache age: The age in minutes of the oldest read-only blocks in the buffer cache.

Out-of-the-box support for different vendors

Site24x7 provides multiple device templates to monitor SNMP storage devices from most vendors in the market.

Category Vendors
Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) NetApp Storage, Accordance, Infortrend, Hitachi Lightning, EqualLogic, Fujitsu, Promise VTrak, Fibrenetix, EMC, HP, PureStorage, IBM, SUN, HDS, Huawei, Dell, HPE, and Hitachi
Network-attached storage (NAS) NetApp and HP
Tape library ADIC, ATL Quantum, StorageTek, Overland, HP, Qualstar, IBM, SpectraLogic, and SUN
Storage area network (SAN) switch Cisco MDS and SNIA FCMGMT

Features of Site24x7 storage monitoring tool

SNMP-based custom monitoring

Monitor the performance of any device from any vendor other than those supported by default. Just enter the system object identifier (sysOID), and obtain full-fledged custom SNMP monitoring.

Exclusive templates for RAID monitoring

With exclusive device templates for top RAID devices like NetApp Storage FAS2200, Hitachi Thunder, and EMC Clariion CX3 series, monitoring RAID is easy. Just add devices and get started.

Maps and dashboards for visualization

Visualize your storage environment by viewing their connections, health, and status using topology maps. View the top-performing storage devices and interfaces using the health dashboard.

Traps, notifications, reports, and more

Generate performance reports for in-depth analysis. Configure and process trap messages instantly to stay on top of your device issues. Receive alerts on different mediums of your choice.

A single console for all your storage monitoring needs

Monitor the performance of your storage devices

Get more than just performance data


Scales to monitor thousands of network devices

Network Discovery

Add multiple devices at once using an IP range

Alerts and Reports

Get timely downtime alerts, and view reports with graphs

High Availability

Ensure high network availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation