Switch Monitoring

Switch Monitoring

Monitor your switches and ports from the Cloud (SaaS).

Automatically discover switches in your network, actively monitor switch ports, and obtain interface level stats on their performance for a comprehensive Network Monitoring.

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Monitor the critical Network Metrics.

Site24x7 supports different vendors like Cisco, 3Com, Allied Telesis, Adtran, Juniper, Cabletron, Alcatel, etc. and all their respective performance attributes can be monitored.

  • Active session count
  • Backplane utilization
  • Big buffer hits
  • Big buffer misses
  • Interface in giants
  • Interface restart count
  • Medium buffer hits
  • Medium buffer misses
  • Outstanding DNS requests
  • Open files or sockets
  • Oversize packets
  • Undersize packets
  • Total number of octets
  • Interface in errors
  • Jabber packets and more

Switch Performance Monitoring for your complex networks.

Get more than just performance data.


Scales to monitor 1000's of network devices.

Network discovery

Add multiple devices in one go by using an IP range.

High availability

Ensure high network availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation.

Periodic data

View daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or customize data to your needs.

Switch Port Monitoring and performance stats.