Windows Event Log Monitoring

Powerful event log management from Site24x7 detects anomalies in Windows event logs, custom applications and services logs and alerts you instantly when errors occur.

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Ensure security, compliance, and top-notch app performance with real-time alerts.

Monitor Windows Server Events

Analyze application, security, setup, system and forwarded event logs. Identify faults in memory and track security events such as failed logins, cleared audit logs and more.

Track Issues based on Severity

Address performance degradation issues based on severity levels like Critical, Error, Warning, Information or Verbose. Know before end-users are affected.

Monitor Custom Application Events

Analyze event logs of custom applications and receive instant notifications when errors occur.

Check Content in Event Logs

Check for specific keywords and their occurrences in event logs. The events can be filtered by ID and source to get instant notifications.

Improve Server Availability

Identify bottlenecks in processes, protocols, services and batch jobs in Windows servers and reduce downtime.

Exhaustive Monitoring Capabilities

Monitor availability and performance of Exchange, IIS, SQL servers and more.

How it Works?

Step 1

Sign up, download and install the Site24x7 Server Monitoring agent

Step 2

Create a Resource Check Profile, add checks to it, and associate it with a server.

Step 3

Configure alerts to be notified via SMS, email or other third party integrations like PagerDuty and Slack.