End to End Windows Monitoring

Gain intuitive insights about your Windows server and cluster performance with Site24x7's Windows monitoring tool, customizable dashboards, and instant alerts upon outages.
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View details on key performance indicators.

Site24x7's monitoring software provides critical input on your server performance, including:

  • Heat map analysis along with a quick summary of the status and performance of your server.
  • CPU, memory, and disk utilization.
  • Status, thread, and handle count of your services and processes.
  • Network statistics such as bandwidth utilization.
  • Processor queue length and server uptime.

In addition to monitoring more than 50 performance metrics, you can automate repetitive manual tasks with Site24x7's IT Automation tools to remediate alerts, incidents, and events.

50+ Performance Metrics

Monitor all your Microsoft applications in one go.

Take advantage of our expanding list of Microsoft integrations, and start monitoring these Windows applications from a single console:

Monitor Microsoft Applications

Track your internal server resources like files, directories, and logs.

View in-depth performance stats on the files, directories, and logs on your Windows servers. Set thresholds by specifying keywords, severity, and facility levels, and receive instant notification upon breach of these set thresholds. These are some of the resources that we monitor:

Monitor your Files, Directories & Event Logs

Build your own plugins.

Network and server administrators often need specific monitoring data that goes beyond the scope of vendors’ standard monitoring solutions. Site24x7 offers more than 50 plugin integrations for monitoring your databases, load balancers, caches, and more. If you can't find the plugin you're looking for, simply write your own using DLL, Batch, PowerShell and VB scripts. You can also set alert thresholds for individual attributes.

Write your Own Plugin

Extensive performance reports and alerting system.

With Site24x7's Windows server performance monitoring, you get easy-to-understand and customizable dashboards and reports, where you can view and compare metrics your way. Here are just a few of the performance reports we offer:

  • Availability Summary Report
  • Busy Hours Report
  • Health Trend Report
  • Performance Report
Exclusive Performance Reports

How it works.

Installing the Windows agent is a one-step process. Once the installation is successful, the agent will auto-discover and monitor any Microsoft applications in your server. Performance metrics including CPU, memory, and disk usage will be collected and sent to the Site24x7 data center, which you can view in the Site24x7 web client. 

How it Works