Performance metrics of AWS Direct Connect

Chart visualizing the packet rate at the virtual interface of AWS Direct Connect

Bits Activity

View the bit or packet activity at the virtual interface of the dedicated physical network connection between your on-premises network and the business data center in the AWS cloud. Receive notifications when inbound or outbound bit or packet traffic exceeds a threshold.

Line chart visualizing egress/ingress network traffic in AWS direct connect.

Data transfer

Should you scale up your connection? Or configure multiple connections to increase capacity? Track the amount of data sent and received in terms of bits and packets, and compare data against provisioned bandwidth to make informed decisions.

Line chart visualizing optical power for fiber optic cable in AWS direct connect.

Optical power

With improved data retention, you can see how the signal strength of your 10Gbps fiber optic transceiver is changing over time. Set up thresholds and receive alerts when the transmit or receive power values drop below the expected range.

Line chart visualizing Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC) failures in AWS direct connect.

CRC errors

Excessive noise or collisions could easily lead to Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors. Monitor the CRC error count to quickly identify layer 1 physical connectivity issues like damaged fiber strands or faulty ports.

Out-of-the-box AWS Direct Connect monitoring

Site24x7 provides a holistic AWS monitoring experience with the right set of features.


Automate serverless workflows

Understand how to achieve closed-loop automation with Amazon Eventbridge integration.

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AWS uptime monitoring

Ensure high-availability of resources with minimal CloudWatch costs.


Overview of AWS infrastructure monitoring

Achieve end-to-end visibility with AWS infrastructure monitoring.


Best practices to monitor

Learn the best practices to manage your AWS infrastructure in this informative webinar.

Unify your monitoring toolset

Stop relying on multiple tools to monitor your cloud and on-premises deployments.


If you're using an AWS-managed VPN connection to transfer business-critical data between your on-premises remote network and AWS, you can use Site24x7 to monitor the status and data transfer statistics for both VPN endpoints (tunnels).

Network health

On top of monitoring cloud connectivity, you can use Site24x7 to gain insight into the status of your network infrastructure . Autodiscover network devices, monitor traffic, set up bandwidth usage alerts, and more.


Track performance and resource usage for Amazon EC2 instances, on-premises virtual machines, and open source application services with detailed metrics, policy-driven thresholds, and integrated notification channels.

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