IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Monitor across your diverse array of infrastructure components with Site24x7's infrastructure monitoring tool. Track the health and performance of your servers, hypervisors, operating systems, applications and logs.

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Cloud-based AI-powered infrastructure monitoring tool

Site24x7's infrastructure monitoring tool is a top-of-the-line cloud-based monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure. Bridge the gaps in your IT ecosystem with real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, capacity forecast, predictive analysis, automation, and instant alerts. Site24x7's AIOps help you proactively identify and fix mission-critical issues in advance to ensure business continuity.

Infrastructure monitoring from one console

Infrastructure monitoring from one console

Monitor your servers, networks, virtualization platforms; container environments like Docker and Kubernetes; and private, hybrid, and public cloud environments including Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform from a single console. Acquire visibility into the applications that support your infrastructure and employ custom monitoring with out-of-the-box plugin extensions.

Better troubleshooting with metrics, traces, and logs

Track and correlate performance metrics from diverse applications and servers with logs and traces, enhancing your infrastructure observability. Manage incidents better with third-party Integrations and accelerate troubleshooting and fix issues before they affect your production environment and users.

Infrastructure monitoring with metrics, traces, and logs

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Site24x7 is simple to use. It’s plug and play for the most part. SmartAction doesn't have to dig down through lines of code. Instead, it has an easy way to identify problems and quickly resolve them, which translates into being more proactive with customers. It allows them to fix issues before customers even notice.

Shaheen Ghavim Senior systems administrator, SmartAction
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Enhance visibility to overcome infrastructure monitoring challenges

Infrastructure Predict

Forecast your infrastructure performance

Predict your infrastructure performance and capacity using Site24x7's AI and ML engine. Site24x7 can help you anticipate your infrastructure requirements and optimize resource allocation and capacity planning.

Infrastructure Aiops

Autodetect anomalies and autocorrect them with IT Automation

Harness the power of AI and ML in detecting anomalies, and reduce the mean time to repair with AIOps. Take automated corrective actions during threshold breaches by executing automations like scripts, starting or stopping VMs, or invoking Lambda functions.

Infrastructure ITSM

Integrate with a wider variety of ITSM and collaboration tools

Site24x7 supports an expansive range of ITSM and collaboration tools including Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, Zapier, Zoho Cliq, and Microsoft Teams. Streamline collaboration across voice, SMS, and email through organizational tool integration.

Infrastructure Create Custom Dashboards

Create customized dashboards and reports

Investigate performance issues by generating built-in reports on top N performance metrics, outages, anomalies, SLAs, security, or inventory at frequent intervals, and create custom reports as well. You can also build a custom dashboard that shows key performance indicators that affect your business in a single view.