OAuth 2 Support: Monitor websites, API end points, and SOAP web services secured by OAuth 2

OAuth 2 is an open authorization framework that provides client applications a 'secure delegated access' over HTTP to server resources like Google, Facebook, GitHub etc. on behalf of a resource owner. It can be used to build authorization workflows for web, desktop, and mobile applications.

With our support for OAuth 2, you can now configure multiple OAuth profiles and authorize Site24x7 to securely generate unique access tokens for these applications. The access tokens facilitate monitoring of your secured Websites / APIs / web services.

Read the following resources to learn more:

Configuration Template: Reduce the hassle of associating configuration profiles to multiple server monitors.

Now set up a pre-defined template for thresholds, resource check profiles, and decide when and who needs to be notified in case of downtime, associate them to appropriate user groups for all the new server monitors added. Auto discover services and processes on your server and mark them up for monitoring.

Additional resource:

Introducing Network Infrastructure Dashboard and Multiple Credential Support.

Now get a high-level health and performance overview of every network device that is monitored. From a single unified view, obtain a real-time status of each network device. Each resource box represents the monitored individual devices, displayed as color-coded tiles. Additionally, you can also customize the infrastructure view by filtering, based on the poller name and the status of the device.

With Multiple Credential Support feature your network discovery is now just a single step process. You can use multiple credentials at once and also share common credentials across devices during network discovery.

REST API support for APM and Real User Monitoring released.

APM Insight and Real User Monitoring (RUM) metrics and data are now available through API requests. You can now embed the same in your in-house system, or use it for automation to get instant updates.

API documentation:

Blog: Take the grunt out of JSON and JS.

Being a web developer is no easy job. From debugging lines of errors to figuring out potential solutions for complex problems, one has to stay cool to get things done. In order to make things easier for you, we've come up with a list of tools that addresses your pain point and saves your time.

Read more about these developer tools in our blog.

New in AWS monitoring - Dashboards, actions, status checks and more.

You now get improved visibility into your monitored AWS resources. The AWS inventory dashboard automatically collects and displays resource and usage data to help you keep track of your monitored AWS cloud assets with ease.

Reduce the amount of consumed instance hours for your Amazon Elastic Compute instances by manually stopping and starting instances during nonbusiness and business hours, all from the Site24x7 console itself.

Read more about these updates in our forum post.

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  • Custom Dashboards
  • REST API Transaction Monitoring

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