Confluent Platform Monitoring

Ready-to-install plugin integration to quickly resolve issues and help read, write, and replicate data.

Monitoring the Confluent platform with Site24x7 gives you visibility into key components including Kafka brokers, producers, and consumers, Kafka Connect, REST Proxy, Schema Registry, and ksqlDB. Install this plugin to monitor the health of your Confluent platform environment and be instantly notified on potential issues.


  • Ensure JMX configuration is enabled correctly. Depending on the plugin to be installed, locate the file and edit it accordingly.
  • Our Linux server monitoring agent should be installed in the Confluent platform.
  • While adding a plugin, the plugin name and its folder name inside the Site24x7 agent should be identical.

Plugin Installation

  • Download and install the latest version of the Site24x7 Linux agent in the network where you plan to run the plugin. If it is installed successfully, you will see a Linux server monitor in the Site24x7 Control Panel. This confirms that the agent is able to communicate with our data center.
  • Depending on your requirement, download the plugin file(s) from our GitHub repository.
    For example, to download the 'confluent_kafka' plugin,
  • Open the plugin script file and set the values for HOSTNAME, PORT , JAVA_HOME.
  • Create a folder with the plugin name, under the Site24x7 Linux agent plugin directory '/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/' and place the script file under '/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/'folder name'/'. For example, create a folder 'confluent_kafka' and place the '' file under '/opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/confluent_kafka/'.
The agent will automatically execute the plugin within five minutes and send performance data to the Site24x7 data center.

View Data in the Site24x7 Web Client

  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Plugins > click on the name of the plugin monitor.
  2. You will be able to view the performance charts on the various metrics for your Confluent platform.

Plugin Contribution

Feel free to contribute to our existing plugin and come up with suggestions or feedback on our Community.