What is Chassis Controller?

A chassis controller, also known as a chassis management controller (CMC), is a system management hardware and software solution for managing server chassis. This includes managing the multiple servers housed in the chassis, their networking, and their storage. A CMC has a software web interface where you can view and control all of its managed resources. It runs its own software and also reports errors and performance information to the unified computing system (UCS) manager.

What is a chassis?

A server chassis is a metal structure that is used to house or physically assemble servers in different form factors. Aimed at conserving space, a server chassis allows you to put multiple servers and storage equipment in a single physical structure. A chassis is generally used where multiple servers have to work in parallel to execute a business operation.

Why use a chassis controller?

A chassis controller is used to discover a chassis and monitor its health online. It is used to monitor and manage power, temperature, fans, blades, and LEDs. Chassis controllers are also used for local cluster management.

How does a CMC work?

The CMC has its own microprocessor, memory, and a dedicated internal network. It communicates with the UCS manager via Intelligent Platform Management Interface. The CMC frequently polls the chassis and servers to collect data that can be used for hardware control.

Benefits of a chassis controller

For all those systems that heavily rely on multiple physical servers to run their data center operations, a CMC is crucial to ensure the well-being of all server components. A CMC ensures the proper functioning of all the servers mounted on a chassis, as well as their connections, and manages the hardware components of the chassis.

Chassis controllers benefit all network admins and system admins managing data center operations and server operations. CMCs come in handy and reduce admins’ server management workload by offering a single console for managing all the servers in a chassis.

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