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Bulk Installation of Linux agent using Puppet

Unattended installation of the Linux agent can be done using Puppet by performing the below-mentioned steps.

Supported Flavors:

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, Suse


curl  - This command is needed in all the Puppet Agent machines where the Site24x7 server monitoring agent needs to be installed.


  • $site24x7agent_devicekey = Your device key is available under the Site24x7 Add Server Monitor page. Log in to your Site24x7 account and navigate to Home > click on the (+) icon next to Monitors and click on Linux Server Monitoring. You can find the key in the command panel.
  • $site24x7agent_proxy = Proxy server required to connect to the Site24x7 servers. Example : user:password@proxyhost:proxypor

Installation Steps:

  1. Execute the following command in the Master Puppet machine terminal:
    puppet module install site24x7-site24x7_agent
  2. After executing the installation command in your Master Puppet machine terminal, edit the file to enter your device key:
  3. Set '$site24x7agent_devicekey' with your unique Site24x7 device key.
    $site24x7agent_devicekey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  4. Set the proxy attribute, if needed.
    $site24x7agent_proxy= "user:password@proxyhost:proxyport
  5. If proxy is needed for downloading Site24x7 Linux Server Monitoring Agent, kindly uncomment the environment value in  the download_handler.pp file. This confirms that the proxy you've mentioned in the params.pp file is the proxy needed for downloading the agent file.
  6. Edit the file, /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/manifests/site.pp to include the Site24x7 module and to specify the machine on which you want  the Site24x7 agent to be installed.
    Example to install in all the Puppet Agent machines:
    node  default
    class { 'site24x7': }
    Example to install in specific Puppet Agent machines:
    node "hostname1","hostname2"
    class { 'site24x7': }

    Hostname is the hostname of the puppet agents and should be written within quotes.

  7. Your Master Puppet machine will automatically install the Site24x7 Server Monitoring Agent in all the Puppet Agents within the configured interval, which is by default, 30 minutes. This interval can be altered in the puppet.conf file in your Master Puppet machine. If it doesn't, execute the following command in those Puppet Agent machines:
    puppet agent -t
  8. View your servers from your Site24x7 account:

Uninstallation steps:

Execute the following command in the Master Puppet machine to uninstall the Site24x7 Server Monitoring Agent:

puppet module uninstall site24x7-site24x7_agent --ignore-changes

Refer this link to uninstall the Site24x7 Server Monitoring Agent from specific Puppet Agent machines.

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