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OpenTelemetry is an open-source set of tools, APIs, and SDKs for instrumenting, generating, collecting, and exporting telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) to help in application performance monitoring.

Site24x7 provides an OpenTelemetry-compatible back end for ingesting OpenTelemetry trace data using OpenTelemetry components. The Site24x7 back end will process and display the ingested data in the Controller UI. This service is known as Site24x7 OpenTelemetry.

How it works?

The application code is instrumented with OpenTelemetry client libraries, which help generate telemetry data such as logs, metrics, and traces for analysis to gain insights into the performance and behavior of the application.

Once the telemetry data is generated, it can be directly exported to the OpenTelemetry Collector. The Collector receives and processes this data and exports it to Plus Insight.

Plus Insight validates the request, and the telemetry data is stored in Site24x7 storage.

Why OpenTelemetry?

With OpenTelemetry, you can:

  1. Standardize the telemetry data collected and transmitted to back-end platforms.
  2. Avoid reinstrumenting code or installing different agents for different back-end platforms.
  3. Be vendor-neutral.
  4. Give complete visibility to the developer on which data is being collected from their application for tracing and metrics that are being collected.
  5. Increase the transparency of data collection.

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