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.NET Application Performance Monitoring

APM Insight provides you with unique visibility, ability to analyze user-satisfaction and faster troubleshooting of .NET Web Transactions. It is a comprehensive solution to monitor the performance of complex .NET applications from end user to database perspective.

For an in-depth understanding of Site24x7 APM Insight along with the architecture, check out our getting started page.


Support for async request tracking

Async request tracking 

Support for non-web applications

With APM Insight .NET agent monitor your Desktop applications, Console applications developed in .NET. You can also monitor the performance of Windows Services developed in .NET using APM Insight .NET agent.

Support for Azure Function Apps

With APM Insight .NET Core agent you can monitor the performance of your Azure Function Apps.

Custom Instrumentation

Instrument your own application methods using Custom Instrumentation via APM Insight .NET and .NET Core Agents.


APM Insight .NET Agent is optimized for minimal impact on the application. Read on to understand about the resource utilization of .NET Agent.
All troubleshooting practises are explained in this manual.

Agent features via NuGet package

Site24x7 APM Insight .NET and .NET Core agent can be added via the NuGet package as well. This helps you to track user/business specific metrics in the application like custom parameters, app parameters etc..

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