Help APM Handling Autoscaled applications

Handling Autoscaled applications

What problem does Autoscaling create for a monitoring solution

In cloud environment while application auto scales up, new instance is added. While scaling down, these unused instances are still present in the user account. This leads to license being consumed by unused instances and new instances created not being added for monitoring even when the application auto scales up again.

How to enable Autoscale mode

In order to monitor an auto scaled application, user needs to mark auto scale mode manually from the UI. Once auto scale mode is marked instance creation is handled differently from how it is handled for non-cloud applications, even when license limit is exceeded.

Edit Configuration

To understand how instances of an autoscale enabled application are handled, please check out our solution page.



The benefit of enabling autoscale option for an application is that all recently scaled up instances will be monitored efficiently even if license limit is reached. 

 Autoscale mode will be available only for applications running on cloud environments. For all others this option will not be visible.

Supported cloud environments: Azure, AWS and Docker

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Help APM Handling Autoscaled applications