Credential Profile

Site24x7 Credential Profile is a secure library of sensitive data. You can store the key usernames and passwords of your resources here for easy use when you start monitoring. Credential Profile helps you to easily add and associate credentials with monitors so that you don’t need to provide your third-party account details every time you add a resource for monitoring. 

In this doc, we'll cover:

Supported monitors

Currently, the Credential Profile support extends to the following monitor types:

  • VMware vCenter (vCenter monitor)
  • VMware ESX/ESXi (VMware ESX/ESXi, Datastore, and Resource Pool monitors)
  • VMware VDI
  • Website (URL monitor)
  • Rest API Transaction 
  • FTP Transfer 
  • File Upload
  • gRPC

Adding a credential

To store a credential in Site24x7, you have to add it by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Site24x7.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Credential Profile.
  3. From the top-right corner, click Add Credential.
  4. In the screen that pops up, enter the following:
    • Credential Name: Provide a name to identify this credential.
    • Credential Type:Choose the type of account credential from the drop-down menu. The available Credential Types are:
      • VMware Vcenter
      • VMware ESX/ESXI
      • Web Credentials
      • VMware VDI
      • Client Certificate
      • SSH Client Certificate/Private Key
    • Username: Provide the username of the account whose credentials you’d like to store.
    • Password: Provide that account's password.
  5. Click Save.

You can view all the credentials that you've added by navigating to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Credential Profile.

Store your credentials using Site24x7 Credential Profile

Associating a credential with an existing monitor

To associate a credential with an existing monitor, edit the monitor and associate your credentials with it.

For this, you have to navigate to the Monitor Summary page and click on the hamburger icon next to the monitor name and click Edit. On the Edit Monitor page, under User Credentials or Web Credentials (In the case of a website monitor) you can choose a credential from the drop-down menu.

Associate a credential profile with a monitor

Associate authentication credentials to a website monitor using credential profile

Editing a credential

Simply navigate to Credential Profile and click on the name of the credential that you wish to edit. Choose Yes or No next to Edit Password, enter the new password, and click Save.

Edit credential

Deleting a credential

Go to Credential Profile and click on the hamburger icon next to the credential you wish to delete. Click Delete and confirm the action when prompted.

A credential cannot be deleted if it is associated with any monitor.
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