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IT Automation Logs

View a detailed history and status of all the automations executed by date in this page. Assign a Date and filter by automation Name, Type or Status

  1. Go to Admin > Operations > IT Automation Logs. You can also access via Home > IT Automation Logs
  2. Assign a Date from the drop down. Click on Today to view the automations created on that particular date
  3. You will be able to view the following details:
    • Display Name of the Automation
      • The time stamp at which the threshold violation occurred
      • Type of Automation
    • Status - Success or Failed
    • Origin Monitors - The monitor from where the automation is triggered

      If in case you test an automation, it will be displayed as TEST under Origin Monitors.

    • Incident Reason - The logic behind why the automation was triggered. 
    • Destination Hosts for Automation Execution - The monitors where the automation is executed
    • Outcome Message - The output of the automation executed will be displayed. The maximum acceptable character limit is 500.

You can click on the IT Automation button to go to the IT Automation Summary page (Admin > Configuration Profiles > IT Automation)

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