Jira Integration

Atlassian Jira is a project management platform designed for tracking bugs and resolving issues that is widely used by DevOps, agile, and support teams. Site24x7's integration with Jira facilitates automatic creation of issues in Jira for Site24x7 alarms. This integration helps streamline issue management by providing a common platform to work simultaneously on issues related to your websites, servers, network, etc. 

We support integration with Jira Software (Cloud) and Jira Service Managment(Cloud) products.


  • For every new alert in Site24x7, an issue will be created in Jira automatically.
  • Detailed descriptions regarding the alerts will be provided for every issue.

Authorize Jira
Site24x7 supports integration with Jira through OAUTH 2.0, the popular industry standard protocol for authorization.To set up the integration:

  1. Go to Site24x7 Admin > Third-party Integration > Jira. 
  2. Click on Grant Access to Jira Account in the new page that opens. 
  3. Log in to your Jira Account. In the Consent pop-up that opens, click on Accept to integrate your Site24x7 account with your Jira account.
  4. After clicking Accept, you will be redirected to the Site24x7 web client.You'll then be redirected to the Jira web client in Site24x7.
  5. In the Site24x7 web client, update the integration form by filling in the following fields:
  • Integration Name: Provide a name for the integration.
  • Issue Summary: A brief summary of the issue created in Jira for an alarm from Site24x7. Enter $ and pick from available incident parameters to customize your message title for Site24x7 notifications. Learn more about incident parameters. You can also use Site24x7 global parameters to customize your message titles.
  • Sites: From the drop-down list, choose a site where you want the issue to be raised in Jira.
  • Projects: From the drop-down list, choose the Project in which you wish to create the issue.
    If you want to create an issue in another project or another issue type, you can create multiple integrations using a single Jira account.
  • Issue Type: After choosing a project of your preference, choose the type of the issue that you would like to create using this option.
    Once you finish adding the integration, the options chosen in the Sites, Projects, and Issue Type fields cannot be changed.
  • Trigger incidents when my monitor is in Critical status: Use the toggle button to create issues in Jira when your monitor is in Critical status.
  • Trigger incidents when my monitor is in Trouble status: Use the toggle button to create issues in Jira when your monitor is in Trouble status.
  • Select Integration Level: Use the radio button to decide whether you want to create issues in Jira for your specific monitors, for all monitors/monitor groups associated with selected tags, or for all monitors in your account when an alert is triggered.
    For tags associated to your monitor group that have monitors in the parent level and a few monitors in the subgroup level, alerts from the parent monitors only will get added as Jira issues.
  • Tags to be sent with alerts: Select the tag keys associated with the monitor that need to be sent with the alert. When an alert is triggered, tags that match with the monitor will be included in the alert notifications.If no tags are selected, all the tags associated with the monitor will be present in the alert notifications.
  • Click Save to save the integration.

Suspend/Activate/Delete Jira Integration
Once you set up an integration, all the alerts will be raised as issues in Jira. Consecutive status changes will be added as comments under the existing issue. If you want to stop creating issues in Jira temporarily, you can suspend the Jira integration. To suspend the integration for a time period of your preference, please follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to Admin > Third-Party Integration, and click on the integration.
  • Click the active Jira integration you want to suspend.
  • Click Suspend on the top-right side of the integration window. 
  • If you want to reactivate a suspended Jira integration, click Activate.
  • To stop creating creating issues in Jira permanently, click Delete

Trigger Test Alert
To test issue creation in Jira, click on the Trigger Test Alert button in the Jira integration page.

When the monitor status changes to UP, issues will not be closed by Site24x7, but a comment will be added under the issue regarding the status change.

View Issues in Jira
This is how alerts raised in Site24x7 will appear as issues in Jira.

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