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Monitor JMX metrics

With Site24x7 APM Insight, you can track Java Management Extensions (JMX) metrics.

Although we monitor and enhance application performance using transaction metrics and traces, it is equally important to monitor the environment where your application is running. Monitoring JMX metrics helps you gain additional insights.

By default, JMX metrics are captured from Site24x7 APM Insight agent version 5.0, and can be viewed under App parameters. Since JMX metrics are specific to app servers, metrics captured by default in various servers are listed below.

Metrics Tomcat JBoss As WildFly GlassFish WebLogic WebSphere AS WebSphere Liberty profile Jetty
Session Y Y Y Y   Y Y  
Data Source



      Y   Y  
Thread pool Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y
Transactions (JTA)   Y Y Y Y Y    
Buffer Pool Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
File Descriptor Count Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

To enable capturing of JMX metrics,

  1. Log into your Site24x7 account.
  2. Navigate to APM Insight app > Edit configuration.
  3. Configuration Profile > Edit APM agent configuration profile > Background transactions.
  4. Enable Capturing JMX metrics.Background transactions configurations
  5. To view the metrics, navigate to the App parameters tab.APM Insight App Parameters

Apart from the default metrics, you can also capture additional metrics by following the below given steps:

  1. Create a new file jmx_extensions.conf in agent directory.
  2. Add the JMX query with the syntax.
    query_name name_of_metric comma_separated_attributes
    • You can add wildcard (*) to the queries.
    • You can also use the keys for naming the metrics by enclosing them with {}.
  3. Add each JMX in a new line


1. java.lang:type=OperatingSystem java.lang OpenFileDescriptorCount

Agent monitors attribute OpenFileDescriptorCount and it will be named as java.lang-OpenFileDescriptorCount

2. java.nio:type=BufferPool,name=* java.nio-BufferPool-{name} MemoryUsed, TotalMemory

The result of above query is that the agent monitors all the beans under the Buffer Pool, and will monitor the attributes memory used and total memory. This will be named a java.nio-BufferPool-Direct-MemoryUsed, etc If you want to disable tracking JMX metrics, disable the checkbox Capture JMX metrics, under the APM agent configuration profile, in the Edit agent configuration.

3. com.zaxxer.hikari:type=Pool\ (HikariPool-1) com.zaxxer.hikari.Pool ActiveConnections, TotalConnections

Spaces in the query name should be escaped with a backslash(") before them so that the agent can properly parse the entire query string. In the preceding example, the whitespace between Pool and (HikariPool-1) has been escaped because "Pool (HikariPool-1)" is a complete name in itself.

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Help APM APM for Java Monitor JMX metrics