Help APM APM for Node.js Upgrade Node.js Agent

Upgrade the Node.js Agent

To upgrade the APM Insight Node.js agent, follow these instructions:

  1. Stop the Node.js application.
  2. Access the node package manager (NPM).
  3. Navigate to the application root directory of the application for which you want to upgrade the agent.
  4. First, you need to uninstall the old version of the agent by entering the below command:
    npm uninstall apminsight
  5. Now, from the same directory, run the following command to install the new version of the agent.
    npm i apminsight@<version>

    The version is the three-digit version number of the new version that you are installing; for example, for version 4.1.1,
    npm i apminsight@4.1.1

  6. Restart the Node.js application.

You can verify the version of the agent after upgrading by checking the package.json file.

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Help APM APM for Node.js Upgrade Node.js Agent