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Python Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor and optimize the performance of your Python application with the Site24x7 APM Insight Python agent. The agent provides you with information on the response time, throughput, database operations, and errors of your application. Keep track of these metrics over time to identify where they can be improved for better performance.

Make sure you have a Site24x7 account before you use an APM Insight agent to monitor metrics.

Requirements: Python version 3.5.0 and above

Supported frameworks: Bottle, CherryPy, Django, Flask, Pyramid, FastAPI, Starlette, Tornado, and Streamlit 

Supported databases and components: PyMySQL, Psycopg2, Pymemcache, Redis, SQLite, Cassandra, Jinja2, Genshi, Mako, PyMongo, PyMssql, PyODBC, OracleDB, and cx_Oracle

Supported HTTP libraries: http.client, httplib2, httpx, urllib, urllib3 and requests

Supported async libraries: aioredis, aredis, asyncpg, aiomysql

Agent Setup

The Data Exporter is an independent process that communicates application metrics and traces to the Site24x7 server.

You can custom instrument methods, classes, and frameworks.

Support for Kubernetes container 

Support for Docker container

Agent Performance

APM Insight Python Agent is optimized for minimal impact on the application. Read on to understand about the resource utilization of Python Agent.

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Help APM APM for Python