Real User Monitoring for Single Page Applications

With Site24x7 Real User Monitoring, you can  monitor the performance of applications built on SPA framework and optimize them for better customer experience.

What is Single Page Application (SPA)?

Single-Page Applications are Web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the application. The most notable difference between a traditional website and an SPA is the reduced amount of page refreshes. Single Page Applications have a heavier usage of AJAX — a way to communicate with back-end servers without doing a full page refresh — to get data loaded into application.

Challenges in monitoring Single Page Applications:

In regular web applications, time taken for page load completion is obtained by listening to the page onload event in browser. 

In case of Single Page Applications, the time taken for page load completion cannot be obtained by page onload event since the data are dynamically obtained from the server using AJAX calls. 

Hence, for each SPA framework, the page load metrics are calculated by listening to particular events specific to the framework. 

Metrics captured:

For every dynamic page load, the corresponding URL, it's respective AJAX calls, response time of each AJAX call, response codes and errors (if any) are captured. 

Check out the following installation instructions to enable RUM for Single Page Applications:

Add RUM monitor for SPA 


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