RUM Snapshots

RUM Snapshots enhances your end user monitoring by providing actionable insights during performance degradation.  
A Snapshot is ideally a collection of all webpages or URL's that have exceeded the specified threshold level at a particular time period. 

With Snapshots one can view:

  • The URL that has exceeded the specified threshold level for the chosen time period, along with its Domain information and resources information
  • The top resource requests that have the highest response time among all the resources loaded for a particular webpage (Common resource types are: script, css, img, xhr, iframe etc...)
  • Number of requests from each resource type and their load time 
  • Number of requests from each domain and their average response time (The top 5 domains are displayed)
  • All the web pages accessed by the user during that session

To view Snapshots :

  • Log in to your Site24x7 account > Home 
  • Navigate to APM >RUM
  • Select your application > Overview tab > Snapshots 


 The top 5 Snapshots for the selected time period is displayed in the Summary tab. To view all Snapshots, click on the Snapshots tab.

 Supported browser types and versions : IE-5, Chrome-10, Opera-10, Firefox-15

How does RUM Snapshots work?

Snapshots are collected when your pageload time exceeds 4 times the specified threshold level. 
For instance, if your application threshold level is set to 2000 ms, Snapshots for that page would be collected only when the page load time exceeds 8000 ms (4*2000ms)
RUM Snapshots are of two types : Automatic and OnDemand.

Automatic Snapshots :
Automatic Snapshots are collected once every day at 1:00 AM PDT. Snapshots are triggered automatically and runs until there is a threshold breach by your application or webpage.  When a webpage or URL exceeds four times the threshold limit, the triggered snapshot runs for an hour and the snapshot of profiled URL's are displayed along with the location and the browser type.

Snapshots for each application are collected from 10 different locations and for each location one snapshot is collected

For new applications, Snapshots are collected for Default locations - United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Singapore,Finland, Netherlands.
For existing applications, the locations are determined based on the number of pageviews.

Maximum snapshots collected by default for an application will be 10(locations) X 4(browsers) = 40 in a day. 

Minimum Snapshots collected by default can be '0' when the page load time doesnt exceed 4 times the apdex threshold from any location through any browser. 

On Demand Snapshots :
You can also use Snapshots On Demand to collect snapshots whenever needed. Users can specify the threshold level and locations for which snapshots needs to be generated. This feature can be used upto 5 times per day with minimum 1 hour interval. 
Snapshots on Demand can't be taken successively ie., Users have to wait for an one hour time interval to take the next Snapshot.

Note : 

You can view the snapshot triggered time from the dropdown in Snapshots tab. In case if there are no snapshots displayed for a particular time period , it may be because of the following reasons :

Your application is well within the threshold level and hence no snapshots were generated. 

Your application does not have any traffic and hence no snapshots were generated.

Your configured threshold level may be too high and hence there are no snapshots - try reducing your threshold level to generate snapshots.



1) Why can't I see snapshots when I select a location from geographic tab even though the dropdown shows snapshots collected time periods?(similarly for device type and browser)

It happens because your webpage load time is well within the threshold value and hence no snapshots were collected from that location.(similarly for device type and browser).
2)Why is there a difference between Snapshot triggered time and Snapshot collected time?

Upon triggering a Snapshot, the collection process runs in the background until a snapshot is collected.
In Automatic snapshots, the triggering happens at 1:00 AM PDT. However, the collection runs in the background until your application breaches the threshold level and runs for an hour when there is a threshold breach. And hence there is a difference in triggered time and collected time

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