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Cost Reporting

Cloud cost management with CloudSpend enables you to view and analyze your spending behavior with the help of cost reporting. In addition to viewing your reports from the UI, you can also schedule these reports to be delivered in your inbox. Learn more

The commonly available cost views for reporting are:

Resource Explorer

The cloud cost accrued for each resource in your cloud environment can be viewed in the Resource Explorer section. Learn more

Trend analysis

The Trend view in the Spend Analysis section lets you observe the spending pattern by services used in an account. The trend can be viewed in four timelines viz. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. You can also view a stacked area chart to obtain insights about the daily spending if the period is less than a month, with options to zoom in and zoom out.

    The cost accrued more than:
  • 10 months will be displayed in a Quarterly format.
  • 10 quarters will be displayed in a Yearly format.

Trend view of cloud cost for each AWS service.

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Help Cost Reporting