Help Introduction to Site24x7

Introduction to Site24x7

Site24x7 was born when the collective IT expertise of ManageEngine, a world class IT management software suite and Zoho, a SaaS leader for business and productivity applications came together to build a solution for IT and DevOps. An all-in-one monitoring solution for cloud-scale applications that keeps track of your websites, servers, applications, network, cloud, and more. Site24x7 brings together the monitoring of metrics, traces, and logs under one console for different layers of cloud architecture.

Internet Services

Monitor the uptime and performance of websites, online applications, and servers. It also provides key performance indexes for your web pages and critical multi-step web transactions. The monitoring is done from 120+ locations across the world, thus giving you a global perspective of the end-user experience. Site24x7 supports website, security, and other internet facing services. Furthermore, get carrier and location specific insights on how your websites and apps are performing from mobile users'perspective using Mobile Network Poller.

Application Performance & Real User Experience

Using Application Performance Monitoring, pinpoint application servers and app components that are generating errors. By installing the APM Insight agent, analyze DB queries, errors, exceptions, traces, external components, and more to actually get to the exact line of code that's causing the performance issue. Besides, get in-depth understanding of problems affecting the end users accessing websites and applications with Real User Monitoring.


Track the performance of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OS X servers with more than 80 performance metrics.

Our monitoring capabilities extend to containerized environments, including Kubernetes and Docker. By closely monitoring resource utilization, container health, and performance metrics, you can ensure efficient utilization of your containerized environment.

In addition to monitoring servers, gain in-depth analysis of your Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Active Directory, IIS, SQL, Office 365, Hyper-V and Exchange.

Enhance the performance of your databases, such as MySQL and MS SQL, by proactively identifying and addressing bottlenecks.

Upload and manage logs from different applications and log frameworks using a single dashboard and ready-to-use 100+ plugin integrations to enhance your monitoring capabilities.

Automate incident remediation and stay proactive from potential performance degradation issues without waiting for manual intervention.

Monitor resources behind the firewall with On-Premise Poller. Monitor network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, any other device with SNMP support. Obtain interface-level performance stats for critical metrics such as CPU, memory utilization, buffer hit stats, and more. Obtain complete visibility into VMware vSphere infrastructure, right from vCenters, ESX hosts, to snapshots.


Monitor public and private clouds from a single console with auto discovery, inventory reports, and extensions available in the marketplace for deeper insights. Site24x7 supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Manage the cloud costs accrued across your entire organization and make data-driven decisions to optimize your cloud ecosystem with the CloudSpend offering. With built-in features like tag profiles, budgets, and business units, view the customized layout of your cloud expense.

For MSPs and CSPs

MSP product provides managed IT infrastructure monitoring services across multiple customers–all from a single MSP console. This multi-tenant setup comes in-built with features like whitelabeling, dashboards, and access level permissions with which an MSP can manage all their customer accounts from one place. 

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Help Introduction to Site24x7