Configuring Flow Exports on Cisco Native IOS Devices

For NetFlow analysis, you need to configure your devices to export flows to Site24x7 On-Premise Poller, which is the NetFlow collector. The On-Premise Poller will be listening to the particular port to receive flows. Learn how to find the port number of your On-Premise Poller.

To enable NetFlow data exports (NDE) on a Cisco Native Internetwork Operating System (IOS), enter the configure mode on the Supervisor Engine, and follow the steps for an IOS device.

Then, issue the following commands to enable NDE after entering the privileged mode.

mls nde sender version 7 Sets the export version to v7. 
set mls aging long 64 Breaks up long-lived flows into 1-minute fragments. This ensures that traffic graphs do not have spikes. It is important to set this value to 1 minute in order to generate alerts and view troubleshooting data. 
set mls aging normal 32  Ensures that flows that have finished are periodically exported. Ensure that the set value is not too low.

In order to put interface routing information into the Netflow exports, issue the following commands depending on the Supervisor Engine.

Switch ConfigurationLowest IOS (MSFC) LevelCommand
Sup2 or 720 12.1.13(E)

mls flow ip interface-full

mls nde interface

Sup1 12.1.13(E) set mls flow ip full 
This information is not available with IOS versions earlier than 12.1.13(E) on the Supervisor Engine 2 or 720
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