Configuring Flow Exports on Dell Devices

For NetFlow analysis, you need to configure your devices to export flows to Site24x7 On-Premise Poller, which is the NetFlow collector. The On-Premise Poller will be listening to the particular port to receive flows. Learn how to find the port number of your On-Premise Poller.

To configure sFlow in Dell PowerConnect and N series switches, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the switch by using SSH or Telnet.
  2. Enter Privilege Mode by using the following command:
  3. Configure flows (sFlow) on Dell devices using the following commands:
    sflow 1 destination {NETFLOW_SERVER_IP}
    sflow 1 destination owner {SITE24X7} timeout 700
    sflow 1 polling {INTERFACE _RANGE} 50
    sflow 1 sampling  {INTERFACE _RANGE}  1024
    owner {SITE24X7}: This parameter specifies the owner to whom the sFlow data will be sent.
    SITE24X7: This is a string which should be substituted with the owner name, where the owner is typically a specific process or application on the device.
    Sample configuration:
    console(config)#sflow 1 destination
    console(config)#sflow 1 destination owner SWITCH_SFLOW timeout 10000
    console(config)#sflow 1 polling gi1/0/3-7 30
    console(config)#sflow 1 sampling gi1/0/3-7 1024
  4. To verify the sFlow configuration: 
    show sflow 1 destination 
    show sflow 1 polling 
    show sflow 1 sampling
    For more information, please refer to this link
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