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Configuring Flow Exports on HP Aruba 2920 Series (J9726A)

The HP 2920 series switches are sFlow capable, but they do not support sFlow while the Out-of-Band-Management (OOBM) port is enabled. Execute the follwoing commands to configure sFlow:

  1. If you configure sFlow with the OOBM port enabled, no flows will be sent. So, log in from the console port and use the following command to disable OOBM:
    no oobm ip address
  2. Setup the management IP address on a virtual local area network (VLAN), so that the sFlow data can reach Site24x7 with the VLAN of which it's a member of.
    vlan 1 ip address
  3. Point sFlow to the machine on which Site24x7 On-Premise Poller is installed. Though the default port is 9996, the port number may vary. Learn how to find the port number of your On-Premise Poller.
    sflow 1 destination 9996
  4. Setup the interface you want to pull from, and the sampling and polling rates/intervals. The sampling rate can be 50-16441700. The lower the number, the more packets sampled.
    sflow 1 sampling all 100
    sflow 1 polling all 60
  5. Do a write memory so that it persists reboots.

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