Configuring Flow Exports on Huawei Devices

For NetFlow analysis, you need to configure your devices to export flows to Site24x7 On-Premise Poller, which is the NetFlow collector. The On-Premise Poller will be listening to the particular port to receive flows. Learn how to find the port number of your On-Premise Poller.

sFlow configuration

Configure sFlow on Huawei devices using the following commands:

sflow collector 1 ip (NetFlow Server IP) port 9996
sflow agent ip (Device IP)

Refer to this example to learn how to configure under each interface:

Interface (interface name)
sflow counter-sampling collector 1
sflow counter-sampling interval 30
sflow flow-sampling collector 1

NetStream configuration

Use the below command to enable NetStream on Huawei devices:

ip netstream export host {hostname|ip_address} 9996

This exports the NetStream exports to the specified IP address. Specify the IP address of the machine on which Site24x7 On-Premise Poller is installed and the configured listener port. The default port is 9996.

ip netstream export source interface {interface name}

Set the source IP address for NetStream exports sent by the device. Site24x7 will make SNMP requests of the device on this address. For enabling NetStream on the desired interface, execute the following command:

ip netstream inbound


To configure Huawei device to export flow to server

ip netstream export host 9996
ip netstream export source
ip netstream timeout active 1
ip netstream timeout inactive 15
ip netstream export version 9
ip netstream template timeout 1

Execute these under all interfaces:

ip netstream inbound
ip netstream inbound
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