Help Network Monitoring Visualizing Network Monitoring with Site24x7

Visualizing Network Monitoring with Site24x7

Monitor your network devices and interfaces using intuitive maps, graphs, and dashboards in Site24x7. You can also visualize and record everything happening in your network all in one place; no more jumping between dashboards.  

Layer 2 maps

Layer 2 maps discover and map all the devices in your network that are available within your configured IP range. Site24x7 automatically maps your whole network and structurally organizes all devices. Monitored and unmonitored devices are labeled different colors, and icons denote device type. You can also hover over a device to view its basic configuration details. 

Layer 2 maps

Topology maps 

Topology maps offer an enhanced network mapping experience, allowing you to create a high-quality, service-aware view of your network with details about how your devices and interfaces are interconnected. You can logically and hierarchically arrange your network devices and interfaces over a predefined or custom background to picture how your network works and what it looks like.

Network Topology maps

NOC view

Site24x7 offers the Network Operations Center (NOC) view for both network devices and network interfaces; each entity is displayed as a color-coded tile. Click the NOC view icon icon in the Network Devices or Network Interfaces page to navigate to the NOC view.

The NOC view for network devices displays statuses as green for up, red for down, yellow for trouble, blue for configuration error, dark grey for discovery in progress, lilac for maintenance, and light grey for suspended. You can filter the view based on these statuses. Every tile displays the device name and the reason for the current status.

The NOC view for network interfaces displays statuses as green for up, red for down, and yellow for trouble. You can filter the view based on these statuses, as well. Every tile displays the interface name, the corresponding device name in brackets, and the reason behind the current status.

NOC view

Health Dashboard

The Health Dashboard offers information about the crucial nodes in your network, so you can better understand your network's performance. View stats on the top performing devices and interfaces in your network based on several key metrics. 

Generate graphs for the top network devices and analyze their performance based on response time and packet loss. You can also see the top 10 network interfaces under each of the following categories: out traffic, in traffic, transmitting bandwidth utilization, receiving bandwidth utilization, out errors, in errors, out discards, and in discards.

Network health dashboard

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Help Network Monitoring Visualizing Network Monitoring with Site24x7