Help VMware Resource Pool Monitor

VMware Resource Pool Monitor

What is a VMware resource pool? 

A resource pool is an aggregated, manageable piece of hardware comprised of CPU and RAM allocated to virtual machines. It is the resource allocation entity in a vSphere environment that helps partition the available VMware resources hierarchically. 

Why monitor VMware resource pools?

By monitoring resource pools, you can allocate resources efficiently, thereby avoiding any resource contentions that may exist. 

What do I need to monitor VMware resource pools?

An On-Premises Poller version 4.2.7 or above to monitor resource pools.

How do monitor VMware resource pools?

Getting started is easy. All you need is an active VMware ESX/ESXi host

What else can I do with VMware resource pool monitoring?

You can configure thresholds and receive notifications when key resource pool metrics are breached. You can configure thresholds for associated virtual machines and inner resource pools as well.


VMware Resource Pool is licensed as a basic monitor.

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Help VMware Resource Pool Monitor