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Key Transactions

You can add business-critical transactions as Key Transactions and track their performance separately. This helps you assess the performance metrics of important transactions at a glance instead of having to search for them in the pool of web transactions. By marking Key Transactions, you can set specific thresholds, receive alerts, and track performance reports for critical transactions.

Licensing: Each Key Transaction is considered a separate, basic monitor, and is charged the price of a basic monitor.

To mark Key Transactions:

  1. Log in to your Site24x7 account.
  2. Navigate to APM Insight > APM Key Transaction> Add APM Key Transaction.
  3. Select your Application Name from the dropdown list.
  4. Choose the Transactions that need to be marked as Key Transactions from the drop-down menu. You can also enter the transaction name in the search bar to quickly pull up your transactions from the list.
  5. Upon selecting the transactions, you can add or edit the Configuration Profile - in general, the default configuration profile is applied. Learn more.
  6. In general, the default Threshold and Availability configuration is applied; however, you can edit or create a new profile, which affects if you'll receive alerts when the monitor goes into Trouble or Critical status. Learn more.
  7. You can also edit or add a new Notification Profile.
  8. Select the User Alert Group, add Tags if necessary, and click Save.

To view Key Transactions:

  1. Log in to your Site24x7 account.
  2. Navigate to APM Insight > APM Key Transactions.
  3. Click the Key Transaction monitor to view its details.


    • The metrics captured are the same for Key Transactions as like individual applications. However, by marking them as Key Transactions, you can receive alerts whenever there is a threshold breach.
    • You can use the icon to change the key transaction's display name or even delete the transaction if you don't want the alerting for that particular transaction.


Alternatively, you can also skip monitoring for certain transactions. To do this:

  1. Login to your Site24x7 account > APM > Your application
  2. Click on Edit Agent Configuration
  3. Enter the transactions you don't want to monitor under Basic configuration profiles

  4. Click Save

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