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NetFlow: Conversation Metrics

Conversation is the transfer of data from a source to a destination. This involves a source IP, which generates the traffic, and a destination IP, which receives it. Site24x7 analyzes application-wise conversations, along with traffic in that particular conversation.

The IP address and the traffic split by the source and destination are covered in the Source and Destinationtabs respectively.

Top N conversations

  1. Log in to Site24x7
  2. Navigate to Network > NetFlow > NetFlow Devices
  3. Select the device for which you wish to see the top N conversations.
  4. Navigate to the Conversation tab.
  5. Here, you can sort the Conversation list according to Traffic, Traffic (%), Source and Destination IPs, or even the Application Name to view the top N conversations.
  6. Additionally, you can filter the traffic according to a specific range by providing values for the Min and Max fields (minimum and maximum). You can also filter according to the application name, or view data for a range of IPs, by providing the appropriate value in the Source and Destination fields.
  7. You can also Group by the Source, Destination, or Application Name to view the conversation data. For instance, if you Group By the Source field, all the conversation passed from the Source to any Destination via any application is displayed. You can also Group by more than one column. Select Source and Destination to view the data passed from the source to the destination via any application.
  8. Click the graph graph icon icon in the Show Graph column to view the data as a graph for each application.

    Figure 1. Viewing top N conversations according to traffic.

List of metrics

Here is the list of metrics that help analyze network traffic at the conversation level:

Source The IP address of the device that generates traffic.
Destination The IP address of the device that receives traffic.
Application Name The application involved in that particular conversation, i.e, the application transferred from the source to destination.
Traffic The amount of traffic generated by this particular application, in this particular conversation, specified in bytes and percentage.

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